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Credence Medical Practice Management provides physicians with customized revenue cycle management options based on their practices needs.


Credence Medical Practice Management LLC has been providing revenue cycle management services to large and small medical practices since 2012.  Credence MPM focuses on evaluating and identifying missed opportunities for increased revenue through coding and medical records documentation review and suggestions, insurance policy and contractual knowledge as well as working closely with their clients, UC affiliates, clinical office staff and patients.

Because Credence MPM is not a large RCM company, we are able to give your accounts and patients personalized attention, direct contacts and RCM representatives. Unlike larger RCM companies we are able to track the accounts more efficiently without work slipping through the cracks. We are the primary liaisons with your practice.

Credence MPM's RCM fees for services range from 4-11% of total monthly receivables. This percentage is variable and based on the size and the specialty of the practice. Because our RCM fees are based on a percentage of actual collections, you can rest assured that you are reimbursed at the highest level possible.


New practice set-up services are charged at a separate hourly rate, these rates are variable based on the services needed and the size of the practice. 

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